View Full Version : What kind of game?

November 6th, 2008, 19:23
I am just considering a bit of a general question, just WHAT kind of games would people here want to see more of?

I am not at the moment saying I will be able to pick up a game but... I have plans and I'd love to see what people would prefer.

A) A game of houses and politics set in medieval Europe or possibly even in the Russ area, think Baba Yaga and Russian folklore. Vampires, Russalka, Voivods and the occasional crazed peasant. Magic would permeate it since it does so with Russ folklore.

B) A more low-down campaign, set in medieval Europe duing the 18th or 19th century. Court intrigue and revolutions anyone? France and England as major players. Some supernatural elements, but keeping it all rather low-key and in question. No player magic-users or priests.

C) A Japanese Meji era campaign duringt the fall of the Samurai. Magic restricted to a few really odd Shugenja and possibly ninja-masters.

D) A modern day game set in the russian states where everything is falling apart rapidly. Most likely a gangster campaign or as the few good cops standing against the corruption.