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September 15th, 2008, 00:14
Hey guys. I decided to put up a micro-blogging site (think twitter but for gamers). My idea is this. It is a way for us to keep track of whats going on with each other for example (and I know this has happened to some of you)

You are schedule to play a game it gets canceled DM doesent show up. Send a shout out and maybe someone else is looking for a bard or an ogre fighter ;).


Your healer doesent show up send out a shout and see if there is anyone else in the community that wants to play so the DM doesent have to play that char.


oh I see a bunch of you guys are familiar with <insert your favorite system here> and are just chilling and decide to do a one shot really quick


Maybe some gamers are in your area send a shot out and maybe meet up irl.

or if an online calendar system doesent work you can send a shout out to your group letting them know the game is early or canceled :(

Just think twitter for gamers, you subscribe to eath other.

So go and play around at http://turnshout.com its built on some pretty cool tech. Looks can be deceiving, but it will grow. I am hoping to implement sms soon.

I also created forum, where discussion about the site can take place if you can think of any features or topics post in there, hahahh and yes I got first post


September 15th, 2008, 06:25
*wonder* Isn't that what these forums are used for, too?