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July 14th, 2008, 04:36
And the plotbunnies dance through my head as 04:30 am aproaches from the wrong side.

I once ran a great campaign set during the Yuuzahn Vong invasion, and one of the more amusing little sidetrips on that was droids from the clonewars set into a museum... and incidentially freed to fight the Vong and later fleeing. (This would be the players, one of them even opted to play a modded mouse-droid assassin. ;) )

... anyway, with the general ban on AI's and the like, and several such being freed...

... isn't it time for a major droid upraising? On one hand the Jedi (Wannabes) have no qualms about shutting down droids, on the other hand if the droids have gone sentinent should that not change things?

Many interesting RP possibilities here, including I think throwing in a few cloners that has survived the old wars... Perhaps have them point out the similarities.

Of course no plot is entirely complete without several layers...

So the obvious first layer is the droid struggle for freedom and the eventual crushing of this.

The second layer would be the resurrection of several clone-wars AIs aand the warmachines they control..

... third layer would be the political struggle within the frail republic as every politician squabbles for purchase and advantage.

Fourth layer comes later... in the form of the AIs manipulating the politicians all against the middle to stall for time.

Fifth layer... *wickedgrins* "A death star built to contain no living beeings would be smaller, cheaper and more efficient, and controlled by a nearly perfect AI it would be a whole battlefleet in it's own right. In fact the cost for building one is so much lower we could probably build three at the same cost..."

July 17th, 2008, 07:14
Remember that in the EU a lot of the cloners become Mandalorians..

And that very few survived due to their limited life span

**** SPOILER *****

(including a certain very famous one that finds a "cure" for the aging issue)