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June 12th, 2008, 04:56

The new BRPG comes out June 23rd. They just released the downloadable PDF.


I am tempted to buy it since it is pretty cheap but the file size is listed as 11mb which seems extremely small for a 400+ page book. I think I will just hold off until someone else bites the bullet and lets me know of the quality.

June 12th, 2008, 05:16
Found a site that reviewed and discussed the new pdf. Seems that instead of scanning or letting us download the master PDF they generated a text based PDF which is why the size is so small. I just bought it and will look over it on my lunch break tomorrow.

June 12th, 2008, 06:20
I have the hard copy pre-release product, but haven't had time to open it yet



June 12th, 2008, 16:00
I woke up for work earlier than expected and read over most of the book. So far this is one of the best and most complete systems I have ever read. It contained no new material from what I can tell but it compiles all the material from almost every BRPG system ever created starting from the first one in the 70 all the way up to the latest Cthulhu. It only contains the game system information though and not the actual proprietary game world information. Still, the book explains the rules and how to apply them a lot better than most of the various BRPG game system do in their own books.

This book is one of the most informative and well put together RPG books I have ever read. Since it also encompasses so many different rules it is also one of the most versatile. If you own any BRPG systems you should defiantly pick this book up as a supplement. If you have never played a BRPG game then you should pick it up and start playing.

Good work Chaosium, I will have to order it in book form now too.

It is also worth noteing that as far as I can tell the PDF has no copy protection or locking. You download a direct PDF copy that is in emasculate form where the entire text of the book can be copied and pasted as a word document. This type of PDF is few and far between. They really went the extra 100 miles to make this one of the best PDF products I have ever used. I will defiantly be buying more stuff from them in the future if for no other reason as to support them.

If they go back and convert their other products into the same type of PDF then I will be in heaven. My copy of Cthulhu Secrets of New York and Investigator's companions 1 and 2 that I purchased from RPGNOW.com were is such poor shape that it was impossible to read some of the pages. All of the maps in the Secrets of New York PDF were illegible. I can only hope that they have plans to republish those in the same style PDF. This has really upped the bar for PDF copies of books IMHO. I have never come across another of equal quality.