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May 12th, 2024, 22:21
I'm trying to apply a NPC MUs shield spell to himself. I see the effect on the tracker and mini character sheet, but when i drag and drop the effect nothing happens (Doesn't even look like its dragging actually). I would just manually adjust the A/C, but that would be a PITS because the 4 for Missile and 2 for Melee

So how do i add spell effects from NPCs to NPCS? It seems to work just fine from the player character sheets, just not from the NPCs

May 13th, 2024, 00:01
Are you dragging from the CT or the npc record on the sidebar?

May 13th, 2024, 00:06
Make sure your grabbing the button that looks like the silhouette of a man to the CT. I tested from the CT and NPC record and is working fine

May 13th, 2024, 01:09
I went ahead and updated so you can drag from the text which is probably what you were trying to do.

May 13th, 2024, 04:57
Ok, I guess I was thinking about the 5e game I'm playing where i can grab spell effects from character sheet and drop them off the Combat tracker. I cant get it to work at all on OSE. When I left click the spell effect (the button that looks like the silhouette of a man) it just shows the Necrotic Gnome mascot and doesn't drag. Obviously I'm going something wrong

May 13th, 2024, 12:51
I believe this works just like 5E.

May 13th, 2024, 16:41
Yeah, its not working. Im doing exactly that, its just not dragging the icon. Is there something turned off in settings?

I recorded a video showing it not working, but I cant share it here

May 13th, 2024, 16:48
Upload it to youtube. Are you running extensions?

May 13th, 2024, 19:55
I double checked and I'm not running Extensions. Here's the YouTube link


May 13th, 2024, 20:05
LoL, ok. Just single click that button one time. If there is an effect it will open the drop down window below. Watch my video again :) I could probably change the icon to a magnifying glass.

May 13th, 2024, 20:08
Not sure I follow. I clicked it once but nothing happens

May 13th, 2024, 20:11
Then there is no effect. Open the spell record click on other and add an effect. Bless has an effect add that and you will see. Make sure you click and release drag does nothing.

May 13th, 2024, 21:05
Ok, i figured it out. There's two places the Spells are located. (Official) OSE SRD and OLD School Essentials Advanced players guide. Only the spells drawn from APG open and effects can be placed. If i take spells from OSE SRD they have no content, so wen i press the button nothing comes up.


May 13th, 2024, 21:19
I made an update for the buttons to make a bit more intuitive. Just note only basic effects are in. Immunities resistances dmg atk saves IFT effects for alignment size and type.