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March 14th, 2008, 02:49
I realize that some people can be frustrating some times but can we avoid the name calling please?

I find it interesting that he can come to the defense of others on this form, but when people start into it with me all I get is:

I have passed it on to the Smiteworks folks. All I can do at this point.

March 14th, 2008, 02:56
I don't see where someone has came out and swore at you or called you a vulgar word. I only have limited rights in what I do here and I try to keep the swearing and vulgarities to a minimum.

March 14th, 2008, 02:59
Oh well that explains it all.
People can be abusive to one another and call each other names as long as no profanity is used in the process. This makes everything better.

March 14th, 2008, 03:03
And since I am almost 100% sure this is all an organized effort at this point since EVERYONE involved has some tie to Digital Adventures in some way shape or form. I would like everyone else here to be aware of the fact that I am bumping the funding on the production of a free version of the SRD for Fantasy Grounds II. This will be my only contribution to the community.

March 14th, 2008, 04:40
Maybe working on a ruleset for Paranoia would be more appropriate. Someone needs a hug.

March 14th, 2008, 07:49
Someone needs a hug.

Consider it done ;)

March 20th, 2008, 05:07
FG (Smite Works) have very good customer support.