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March 23rd, 2024, 17:53
As far as I can tell, there is no way to add npcs to the xp tab, or to decrease PC XP awards by the half shares due the retainers. I also donít see a field to track XP on a npc record.

Is there an easy way to handle retainer xp in the OSE ruleset (other than doing it manually?)

March 23rd, 2024, 21:52
You can use character sheets to track your retainers even if you as the GM control them as NPC records. I would even go as far as logging into your campaign using localhost and grabbing them as the owner so they show up with all the other portraits.

Retainers take a full share but only get 50% of the XP. So you set the XP bonus to -50 % and it will half the XP assigned.

So the way this is setup: Lets say you have 4 PCs and 1 retainer and you assign 1000 XP. Each SHARE is 200 XP. When applied the retainer would auto calculate to 100 XP if you set it up like above.

March 23rd, 2024, 22:02
Here is an image. Paunchy is the hireling.

March 24th, 2024, 01:38
Doesn't that send a half share of xp to the abyss? Paunchy is taking a full share but only keeping half of it, right? Just like someone with a good prime req takes a full share but receives 110%... or does that xp bonus change the share of xp taken when the DM grants it, so the total xp awarded and the total xp logged are always the same?

March 24th, 2024, 01:50
Yes takes full share but only keeps half.

March 24th, 2024, 02:03
I've re-read the rule and I see you're right. I've been giving half shares of xp to retainers for... a long time. Wow.

How about fractional shares of coins, though? Is it possible to set the % share received, or does everyone always get a full share if you automatically distribute?

March 24th, 2024, 02:07
Gotta take care of it manually