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Poe the Homunculus
March 10th, 2024, 07:48
First, thank you to everyone who works on this project and ruleset. I love running my Cyberpunk game every other week!

There are some things I am curious about, however.

I want to be able to remove or change the name of the base skills. For example, I don't run with the "Personal Grooming" skill, so I would delete the skill off the CS to keep it clean.

Is there an ability to customize ammo for a new weapon? For example, I am making an acid gun and want to create a special acid exotic bullet ammo. How do I create a new type of ammo unit and then set the new gun to use that type of ammo?

Third, I noticed that when an NPC on the combat tracker is damaged, it can also damage them in the NPC directory. Individual revert changes are not always possible.

Is there a way to have a character in a vehicle like in Savage Worlds, where the player is in the vehicle's CT tracker?

On the Lifepath table, I would be willing to help format each section into their own table instead of one table so you don't get one line of the same results.

Again, thanks to everyone very much.

March 12th, 2024, 15:30
In development, we wanted to ensure that the default skills had a safety mechanism built in the chance users managed to delete them. Since certain skills are required for functionality. So unfortunately it's less than possible to completely remove a core skill. Honestly I don't use that skill a whole lot either unless it's obviously likely relevant.

So all ammo is available for all weapons once it's created. There's no mechanism to limit ammo to certain gun types. You just have to create a new item and set the type to ammo. There's more nuanced information about the different fields here: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FGCP/pages/2140602405/Cyberpunk+RED+Items#Ammo
In the case of ammo, you'd likely have most interest in the applied effect section. There should be some example ammo using that section. The air pistol has some example effects for using acid, although I'm not sure if we created the paint balls.

Huh, that might be related to the recent changes to fgu. I'll look into it.

When we originally developed the vehicle type, the functionality of the core vehicle type wasn't updated yet. But we do have plans to switch over. We just have to be careful about not breaking everyone's campaigns when we do it, then updating all vehicles to the new type.

I think Sean had some plans to do that at some point, but hasn't gotten around to it yet.

We've kinda been waiting on the mission kit to release before doing any major changes since the associated changes have potential to be quite obtrusive. And it's a good medium to build up some coding momentum to get these other issues worked out.

For sure I'll dig into the NPC issue this week though, that one would be critical. Can you provide any more details about the process to reproduce the issue?

Poe the Homunculus
March 13th, 2024, 17:08
I dragged some Security Guards from the NPC tap onto the Encounters, edited them from the Encounters, and it had changed in the Reference Manual to reflect the new name (I was using them as Bozo Guards).
I attempted to reset the Security Guards on NPCs, but the cross-arrows did not appear or allow me to revert the change.

July 3rd, 2024, 14:23
I'm glad to hear you have so many interesting ideas for improving the gaming experience in the cyberpunk genre! As a fan of games in this genre, I, too, like it when developers pay attention to details like customizing skills and weapons.

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