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February 9th, 2024, 08:18
Transformers Character Creation:

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Essence 20 Engine: (d20 based) similar to D&D5e.


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Sunday, 02/11/24.

"Transformers Roleplaying Game Character Creation" with FGA provides an basic tutorial on how to create a character for the Transformers Roleplaying Game using the Essence 20 system by Renegade Game Studios.
Here's a summary:

- **Introduction**:
Introduce the topic of creating a character for the newer Transformers role-playing game, mentioning that it uses the Essence 20 system developed by Renegade Game Studios, similar to most d20 systems.

- **Character Creation Overview**:
The process involves selecting an influence, origin, and role for the character. These choices determine the character's stats, skills, and abilities. The Transformers game assumes players will be Autobots and heroes of the story, although there's potentially other content allowing for Decepticon characters.

- **Influence Selection**:
Influence represents what the character did before joining the Autobots or Decepticons. It provides perks but also potential drawbacks if more than one influence is chosen. The choice of "Security" as an example, highlighting benefits like, being able to move and make skill tests even when surprised.

- **Origin Selection**:
Origin affects the character's form (alt mode), hit points, and certain skills. The example given is choosing a "Champion" origin, which influences the character's social skills and vehicle form. Origins provide specific benefits related to the character's alt mode.

- **Role Selection**:
Roles function like classes in other RPGs, determining the character's main function within the team. The host chooses "Scout" for its example character, emphasizing speed and stealth. Roles offer unique skills and abilities relevant to their specialization.

- **Stat Allocation**: The Essence 20 system involves distributing points among four core stats: Strength, Speed, Smarts, and Social. These stats influence the character's skills and defenses.

- **Skill Selection**:
Players allocate skill points based on their character's stats. Illustrate this by assigning points to skills like driving and stealth, which are critical for a Scout character.

- **Finalizing the Character**:
Wrap up by discussing other character elements, such as Energon points, which are a resource for special actions, and gear. The character build example,"Velocity" is a fast and stealthy Autobot Scout with a focus on social interaction and investigation.