View Full Version : are these ever gonna be fixed?

November 28th, 2023, 20:31
there is no mention in the rules about the GM AP pool being visible to players. in a RL game, the pool would be hidden behind the GM screen. need option to turn it off.

seems we are unable to reduce a special attribute to less than 4. yet we have perks that lower attributes. GM needs WAY more control over character sheets.

seems when ghouls take radiation damage, the system DAMAGES them! unfortunately, ghouls have the trait post human necrotic, which means radiation damage HEALS them!

can we get these fixed pls?

November 28th, 2023, 23:04
Generally bugs are reported to the bug report thread. The AP pool visibility option hasn't reached the top of my project list. I will add opening up the attributes to that list when I work on the option. As for the ghouls issue, this is also an issue with super mutants as well. I'm still deciding how to approach this. I'm thinking an effect that I will have to come up with. Once I'm able to focus on this, I'll look over all three.