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November 28th, 2023, 04:35
I am completely new to FGU and Alien RPG. I am excited to get a game going, but I have some questions. I understand that the Alien RPG adventures do not have LOS included.

I have searched and searched, but I cannot find anyone who has already done the LOS and exported/shared the xml for the maps.

I have also been reading through the forum posts and it seems like some/most people don't need LOS to play Alien RPG. For instance I want to do Hadley's Hope as an intro.

Can someone explain why LOS does not appear to be a priority for the game?


November 28th, 2023, 09:27
When Line of Sight first came to FGU there was a community effort to add LoS to any modules that existed at that time. So many people spent their own time in doing that and sharing it with the community. So it was entirely up to individuals to do that and as far as I recall no-one from the Alien RPG community stepped forward and added LoS to anything that existed at the time. Any new modules (that is any that appeared after LoS was introduced) should have LoS included in any maps.

I don't know this ruleset but I would expect LoS to be needed at least in maps which showed an internal location - perhaps not so much if it's a map of space.

November 28th, 2023, 19:53
The official maps in all the Alien scenarios are all like architect drawings you can download on your PDA. In fact probably all characters are able to access some PDA and download those maps (ship schematics, house maps...).
So you can assume that there is no anknowable place in those adventures. So no need to hide the maps I think.
I don't know for Hadley's hope but there is nice fan made maps for the destroyer of worlds.