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November 22nd, 2023, 16:38
I was wondering about zoning in FGU for fallout.
I have created my own maps and imported them from dungeondraft as a DD2VTT file so it keeps all the LOS, wall etc..
But drawing out zones with the drawing tool creates really thick stroke lines, which do not look great on the map.

Any way around this other than me creating the zones in a photo editor and then import and set up the walls etc manually

Also another thing is there anyway to hide the GM Pool from the players?


November 22nd, 2023, 18:29
I'm not absolutely sure what you mean by zoning; but you mention thick lines. You have full control over the width of the lines and by reducing the alpha channel you can make the lines much more transparent. If this isn't what you mean could you perhaps include a screenshot to help with understanding.

November 22nd, 2023, 18:53
For quick and easy zone markings, I reduce the size to 0.1 and the opacity as Zacchaeus suggested:


November 22nd, 2023, 19:08
Ah maybe my map resolution is too small as 0.1 was really thick lines on the map.

And fallout does not use grids. You mark of the map in zones close medium and long.

I will add any screenshots if I need to.


November 22nd, 2023, 22:42
Here is a screen shot of some zonned areas, this is a 300ppi image and just wish the lines were say half as thick.


November 22nd, 2023, 22:56
Have you tried reducing the line width to less than 0.1? (I don’t know if they will mind you) Also try using a colour that might blend in more with the map and reduce the alpha channel.

November 22nd, 2023, 23:04
Yeah it does not go below 0.1 but i want it visable to define the areas where the players can see what zone they are in.
I know some homebrew rules are there to use a grid which may or maynot be easier to use.

could try and play with other colours

Here is a map I done and zonned using a external photo app, this is how i hoped to do it in FGU


November 23rd, 2023, 11:17
I've done a bit of experimenting with this. The size of the painting line is in relation to the FG grid size - the larger the grid (in terms of number of pixels per square) the larger the line. So, set your grid to something small (25x25 say) and hide it. Then you'll be able to get small lines. Make the grid change before drawing the lines as changing the grid doesn't change the size of lines already placed.


November 23rd, 2023, 11:29
Thanks Trenloe will give that a go

Moon Wizard
November 24th, 2023, 01:53
If you use the line painting tool in the image data panel, you can specify the grid size for the line right in the data panel.

I believe the line size for arbitrary drawings using the basic draw/erase is 10% of grid size, and is not editable.