View Full Version : Changing individual initiative order

November 15th, 2023, 22:42
After the players select FAST/SLOW by clicking the respective icons on their sheets how does the DM change the Initiative of the monsters. there is a box with a button but it doesn't react to anything. Also how do we change the order of the players in tracker after they've selected fast or slow? there should be a way to either change the order of all FAST players.

March 15th, 2024, 17:16
For changing the monster/NPC intiative, it is under the combat tab in the tracker. Open that tab and you'll see buttons for NPC initiative next to their attributes (where you can also do their challenge rolls by double clicking on the attribute).


I don't know of a way to re-sort the players or monsters in initiative order groups within the tracker. If it exists, I can't find it in the wiki or through trying things out. In SOTDL, players can go in any order they choose from round to round at the same fast/slow turn speed, so I haven't found it to be an issue. I just click on whoever wants to go first, then manually click on the next one and so forth. As long as you don't have a large combat, it hasn't been hard to keep track of who has had their turn or not. I agree that having some sort of drag/sort mechanism in the tracker would be convenient so that the "Next Actor" button actually meant something.