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October 20th, 2023, 01:38
I picked up the VTM catalog on Fantasy Grounds Unity after the Werewolf 5E Kickstarter. I've been looking around trying to get a feel for it, and I've come up with some questions between what I've seen for some older FG Classic tutorials and the FGU content. I'm looking to start building out a campaign and would like to clear up any issues before diving in.

1. Attribute + Ability dice rolls?

In FG Classic, there were + buttons to allow selecting two different attributes/abilities for creating dice pools. I'm not seeing that in FGU, and the only way I've found is to grab the dice for one stat and manually add the remaining dice before rolling. Is there a more automated way to do this similar to FG Classic?

2. Backgrounds

Merits, Flaws, and Loresheets all intuitively either add the dot value for each item automatically, or have you select it in the case of Loresheets. However, Backgrounds just add a blank line for text input. From there, I can pull up the list of Backgrounds to associate this with, but they all default to 0 when added, with no clear way to increase them. Trying to add another instance of the same background just creates a duplicate rather than adding to the total (ie: Fame 0, Fame 0). Not really sure at all how this is supposed to function.

3. Weapons

In FG Classic, there was a section to setup a weapon and mark its damage modifier. The Equipment section in FGU seems pretty barebones compared to that. Is there any method for having a damage modifier added to the margin on a successful attack roll, possibly by the custom roll builder?

I appreciate any clarification on these issues. Looking forward to getting this off the ground!

October 20th, 2023, 01:58
1. You click on the buttons to add to the dice pool and then click on the die icon to roll the combined pool.

2. The line that is created is descriptive and when you either click on the green plus or drag and drop them to the line to add the backgrounds that are associated with it. To adjust, you click on the details button (magnifying glass), and unlock the sheet to adjust the dots.

3. Create an item, type is Weapon, value greater than 0 and when you do a roll created from the equipment entry, it will display the added damage bonus after the margin if a difficulty is set.

October 20th, 2023, 02:14
Perfect! It all looks pretty simple in hindsight :) Thanks for the help!