View Full Version : imaginative players piss me off!! lol

October 18th, 2023, 15:23
so the group took on the task of clearing the Logan's farm of the giant ants that have invaded, and oh! rescuing poor Bobo, Molly's teddy (yes i put a Simpsons reference in the game! lol) one of the players had the foresight to bring molotovs. playing ants like i should, they swarm their targets, and i am guessing the player knew this too. any ways, molotovs were incinerating my ants in groups of 3 - 6 lol. i had around 20 of them. worker ants with a D1 and a bite attack. warrior ants D2 with a special bite attack. a token representing a swarm of flying army ants. D3 special attack.

i congratulate the player(s) and their ingenuity, i did get ONE swarm and a warrior ant to a character, and got them prone and down to 2 HP, blew thru 5 GM APS to do it!! lol, BUT!!!

the molotovs seem a bit over powering. all the character needs to do is make a simple test to toss it to a location, in the middle of a group of ants, and boom! all the ants are hit REGUARDLESS of their D factor. i lost 2 of my 3 swarms that way, then i got smart and had the last swarm gain altitude and avoid the flames...DUH!! some times, even i am a PHUQTARD!!

i SERIUOSLY thought i had way over powered the players with this encounter, but NOOOOOOO!!....

i will get the bastards next time, as they are heading to the ant's colony after returning Bobo to poor Molly. :: pinky to lips, evil laugh ::

October 19th, 2023, 15:19