View Full Version : "How to" for the new update?

October 3rd, 2023, 17:06
I've been STing offline for a while, but looking to get back into VtM on FGU. I had converted some of my content a year or so ago and all seems okay with the new update. What I'm having an issue with is the new version of the character sheets. I am having a difficult time mapping my offline sheets to this FGU version. Is there a "how to" posted somewhere that I can reference to get my characters imported into FGU? The older version of VtM on FG was fairly clear-cut. This version, not so much.

October 3rd, 2023, 17:10
A new wiki entry has been written up, but we are awaiting on it being posted to the wiki. Once it is available, it will be posted here: