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September 27th, 2023, 00:16
I'm new to Fantasy Grounds and Cyberpunk Red. I've just begun a campaign on the tabletop but would like to move the game to Fantasy Grounds. I have not found a way to manually enter stat and skill values for characters, is there a way to do this?
Thank you!

September 27th, 2023, 04:20
This should be a good resource for explaining each piece of the character sheet:

Here's a link to the root of the cyberpunk red ruleset wiki that explains all of the functionalities we implemented (like the above page):

Our ruleset is very automated, so a lot of things will be done for you, and some ways to achieve things aren't obvious, like how to add character levels.

So to do what you want:
- first ensure you have the core module loaded (from the modules button on the right, then click activation on the opened window), as a gm, you'll want both the player module and the gm module, although you can do everything you need with just the player module.

- open the character menu on the right, and you'll have two options for creating characters: the wizard, by utilizing the wizard button on the character window, or the green plus towards the bottom. The wizard will take you through the character build process as defined in the core, and is the easiest way to build a character, but to import your characters, you'll probably want to use the green plus.

- When you click the green plus, it should create an empty character sheet. If it's not open, open it.

- The first page you'll see is the main tab, the very first thing you'll want to do is input all the base stats as they were before any cyberware or items changed them. It's set up pretty similarly to the official character sheet. Emp should automatically update the max humanity (the actual max humanity will be updated when you start equipping cyberware), set the left box of the humanity to whatever is in the left box on the character sheet.

- Next update the skills on the skills tab, the base value is automatically derived from the skill level and the associated stat, so just update the number to a value unmodified by equipment or cyberware. Martial arts should be able to be found under the skills button on the right of the tabletop. You should be able to drag it onto the skills page on the character sheet.

- Next find all of the characters items and cyberware. Cyberware can be added either to the inventory on the front (where it will need to be equipped manually) or directly into the cyberware tables on the cyberware tab. This is where any stat modifications should start showing up. And equipping equipment should change various aspects of the character sheet, like the armor table and the actions tab.

-- Don't forget to equip things as well, unless running around in the raw is the character's style.

-- ammo is generally equipped in packs of 10, so be sure to update the quantity to how many bullets they have in total

-- some cyberware and items are setup as templates, they have information in their descriptions for how to handle them.

-- there's some special functionality for handling if players have multiple limbs, or items that utilize cyberware, all explained in the above wiki links

-next you'll want to equip the roles on the actions tab, just drag and drop either from the links provided in the refman, or from the roles button on the right. The number can easily be updated to whatever the characters role should be.

- next you'll want to take a quick glance through the moves and equip any moves relevant to the character. I recommend the grabs (not the martial arts one unless they have the associated skill), and brawling.

- finally you can go to the notes tab and update reputation and life path stuff.

I'd also highly recommend creating a character in the wizard just so you can have a character sheet to reference to see how things fit together as you're building stuff out (don't forget to equip stuff)

September 28th, 2023, 18:47
Thank you for your comprehensive response! I believe I've got the necessary modules loaded, and am able to create a character sheet via the "Characters"->"+"(mine appears gray, not green if that matters)-> then can add details to the "main" tab without issue. When I switch to the skills tab, I can see that the stat modifiers are in place, but when I try to click on a blank field in the "LVL" column, instead of allowing me to enter a value, it rolls the die for the skill instead. I can enter values on the "notes" tab, but fields in the "other" tab appear off limits as well. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, if so, I do apologize. I've included some screen shots of what I'm looking at, thanks again for your help.

September 28th, 2023, 20:27
Yup, the main one you need is the one in the top right corner. The rest add flavor.

Ah, I see, you're using a theme. Just so you know, every ruleset comes with a default theme, so you don't need to activate one initially. You're more than welcome to if you like the theme, but you don't need to.

If you see dice rolling, that means you double clicked. When you hover over the field, you should see a frame around it, when you click on it, the frame should persist when you move your mouse away. That means it's active. FGU doesn't actually show a text cursor when you have a number field selected, but if you start typing, you'll see your numbers.

As for the other tab, I believe that corresponds with the cyberware tab (I don't use a theme when I play). On that tab, you need to either equip the cyberware from the character sheet's inventory, or drag and drop the cyberware from cyberware button on the right of the tabletop. Don't forget the foundational cyberware (things that require foundational cyberware won't activate without it).

If you wish to edit the cyberware, you need to click the provided red links and edit them there.

September 30th, 2023, 00:04
Thank you again, that clears up all of my questions! (for now)
The theme I'd enabled didn't help with navigation- using the native theme made everything more obvious.