View Full Version : gunslinging and quick hands perk stack?

September 12th, 2023, 21:27
do they stack together

an extra combat die and the extra fire rate of 2?

September 13th, 2023, 17:34
By RAW, I would say yes. But the condition of Gunslinger has to be met AFTER the ROF increase from Quick Hands.

This means the optimal use is for ROF 0 weapons like a hunting rifle.

Thinking about the “cost” of this maneuver: 2 Perks + 3-4 AP each time. I can kind of live with that.

However, optimizers may all start doing this - and I prefer a diversity of builds - I would consider a house rule that it does not stack. But it’s definitely a House Rule imho.

EDIT: Urqy has the correct answer. Didn't recall the requirement of one-handed ranged weapon.

September 14th, 2023, 16:38
In theory, I think they could stack, but in practice I don't see alot of weapons that would allow it. The Pipe Bolt-Action (without a mod that makes it two-handed) seems to fit the bill, but I don't see any others. I guess there could be a few more if you allowed thrown weapons (throwing knives for instance) but the title is "Gunslinger." *Edit: Throwing Knives are a Thrown Weapon, not a Ranged weapon, so that would have to be a house rule.*

Quick hands adds +2 to the fire rate of a ranged weapon for the cost of 2AP. Gunslinger allows you to add 1dC6 of damage to a one-handed ranged weapon that has a ROF of 2 or less. Are there any other one-handed ranged weapons that start with a ROF of 0?

As a side note, the errata changed the description of Quick Hands from doubling the Fire Rate to adding +2. If you are using a hardcover book alongside FGU, the book probably has the old description (like mine) so double check your book with what is in FGU. FGU is updated.

September 30th, 2023, 13:24