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September 6th, 2023, 11:56
This is an unofficial, fan-made ruleset for the TTRPG “When the Moon Hangs Low” by Isolation Games, ©2023 Rob Leigh.

This ruleset contains character sheets with some automation as well as templates for NPCs, locations, factions, items, and edges. It does not include actual items and NPCs etc, you will need to input that data yourself.

Descriptions and stats are found in the official rules at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/431805/When-the-Moon-Hangs-Low--Kickstarter-Edition?src=hottest_filtered or at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/371070/When-the-Moon-Hangs-Low

The ruleset for Fantasy Grounds Unity is attached to this post or on the forge at https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/1326/view

Additional info:
GM Options
Under Combat there are options to show ally and enemy health, set to detailed and status by default.
Under House Rules there is the option to roll initiative each round, on by default.
Also under House Rules GMs can also decide whether to use Enemy Dodge Averages, on by default. Any weapon attacks made against an NPC with a Dodge Average of more than 0 calculate whether they succeed or fail.

Combat Tracker
You can add penalty/bonus dice to rolls by adding effects to the Combat Tracker (“Bonus: 2d6” or “Penalty: 1d6” etc)
NPC skill checks, attack rolls and damage can be rolled from the CT
PCs should update their wound track themselves
Under menu there is an option to take a rest which restores some health and resolve to any pcs in the CT
Persistent fire damage can be coded as “PERS: 2d6” which does 2d6 fire damage at the start of a player’s turn in combat.

Party Sheet
GM can roll skill checks or defence rolls for the whole group or individuals against a DV. Note, this will not take into account any parrying bonuses for specific weapons.

Some preset lighting for candles, torches etc. I’ve used an orange colour to show bright light.
Effects like taking aim, close range, soft cover etc give bonuses to rolls
Effects like blinded, obscured vision, helpless etc add penalties to rolls
“Shield of will” sets AV to 10 and ignores damage that ignores or halves AV or fire damage.

Armour can be spelled armour or armor.
Shields are an armour subtype
Weapons subtypes are “close combat” and “ranged”
Thrown weapons should be subtype “ranged” have the “throwing” tag in qualities
Weapons with qualities like “Multi-shot (5)” will add ammo when dropped onto the character sheet
If a weapon has qualities like vicious/piercing their effects are calculated automatically
Cost should be written as “shillings”, I’ve also added the gold and silver shilling currencies

Skill checks, defence rolls, attack rolls, and damage can be rolled from the sheet
Any qualities for NPC attacks should be added to the title of the attack with no commas and in the following format:
“Claw and Bite [Piercing]
roll 2d6 success on 5+ 1d6 damage”

Vermintongue language
You can add one-off penalty or bonus dice to a roll by using the box under the chat window.

I’m sure I’ve missed something so any bugs or feature requests let me know