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Mr E Anymousity
August 2nd, 2023, 06:09
So i'm a new DM/GM to Fallout TTRPG and was trying to set up level 1 characters for my players. One has chosen to be a Super Mutant with a Sledgehammer and taken the "Toughness" perk but no matter what i do it doesn't seem to apply the physical DR reduction. We've tried making a new Character, removing and giving back the perk. I tried making a custom item that he could equip alongside the other armour pieces but armour does not stack so giving him a Phys DR of 1 alongside his raider armour doesn't give him the DR of 2 that he should have. I then tried defaulting to using a custom effect but THAT doesn't seem to work either. I tried using
DR: 1
DR: 1 Head, Phys
DR: 1 Head, Physical
DR: 1 Head, Phys. DR
DR: 1 Head
DR: 1 Head, physical
DR: 1 Head, phys
DR: 1 Head, phys. dr

And NONE of it works. what on gods green earth is the syntax for this?!?!
Any help would be greatly appreciated

August 2nd, 2023, 06:39
I believe you asked the same question in discord and will relay the answer here as well. You can use the editor window on the combat tab to add a misc bonus to the armor locations. Click on the Weapons buttons to cycle the frame to this editor.
As for the effects you tried to use, the syntax should be DR: 1 head, physical. Lowercase past the colon