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May 11th, 2023, 22:19
Item can be found here:


Please post any feedback or questions. You can also hit me up on discord.

May 12th, 2023, 15:28
Wow, this looks perfect for what we are working towards! Thank you!

Can we create our castle image in a different program and bring it into the image? we use dungeon alchemist for our maps and I know one of our players has already been laying out their ideas there.

May 12th, 2023, 15:52
Yes that is a perfect way to do it. Import it into your campaign and under assets it will show up. Drag from assets to image window and your set. Should duplicate LOS and lighting as well.

May 12th, 2023, 15:54
great. is the DM the only one that can bring in the image or can the Lord of the castle import it as well (say the player updates the map in dungeon alchemist)

May 12th, 2023, 16:07
Anything related to the image is the DM. I know the video is longer than most of mine but check it out.

June 26th, 2023, 01:41
We are just dipping into the Stronghold extension and I am using it as several party chests for now (mundane items, Magic items, and Gems/Jewelry/Artwork). so the inventory pages gets quite full. Requests / suggestions (none of these are a big deal):

1) add a scroll bar to the right side.
2) can the sort (alphabetizing) treat numbers as full numbers? right now if I put 1 2 3 4 20 30 40, it sorts as 1 2 20 3 30 4 40
3) make the main box (the item name) size adjustable in some way

Is the last box just for notes? it does not seem to be stored in the item record. and could there be an option to sort by that note box then the item name?

Or, BMOS makes an extraplanar container extension (https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/13/view) that allows for containers that you can collapse items inside a container.

Also perhaps a total value option of the good in inventory?

I am sure this is secondary BUT it is really nice to have a party chest that anyone can add to or take from.

Thanks again

June 26th, 2023, 02:31
I won't be able to do anything until next week. Have a family issue we are dealing with.

Only point I don't understand is the last box for notes comment. What last box?

June 26th, 2023, 03:10
Well, I can't get into my DM's game so here is a drawing of what I meant...57957

And Family always comes first. no worries. and I hope you work it out ok

June 26th, 2023, 03:26
Looks like an empty entry. He needs to delete it.

November 23rd, 2023, 20:50
Is there a way to add a already existing layered image to the stronghold? I have a campaign base map that i have already been using but will not let me add it to the stronghold, only as a pin. Am I missing something?

November 23rd, 2023, 22:19
If you export it it will be in your assets folder and you can drag ut to the image record