View Full Version : Questions about the last funnel adventure I ran

May 10th, 2023, 21:26
Last week I took 4 players with 4 - 0 level characters each for a total of 16 characters through the "Portal Under the Stars" adventure that comes with the DCC Rulebook in FGU. 1 character out of the 16 survived by escaping the tomb.
My players really like this ruleset and look forward to another funnel.


1. Would you advise that I take them through "Portal Under the Stars" again even though as players they know the tomb or take them through a different 0 level adventure?
2. I ruled that the one character who made it out ran away. Do I award that character xp given the encounters that the character survived? (appx. 8 xp)
3. Regarding the character who ran away, could I use that PC as a hook to recruit other 0 level characters to go into the tomb?

Has anyone else face this scenario? What did you do?

May 11th, 2023, 11:46
Hi Baron28,

Hereís what I think:

1. You can certainly run it again. I think the portal is only open for a limited time, but if they go right back in, then I donít see why not. Personally, I would lean towards running a different funnel since there are several to choose from, unless the players really want a second chance.

2. Yes, the survivor should get the XP. I ran this as a one-shot once at a virtual convention, and 2 PCs survived by fleeing the last encounter. I would have given them experience for all of the encounters they successfully completed if it wasnít a one-shot.

3. If you run it again, using that PC as a hook is a great idea. That would explain how the new group knows whatís coming on the second pass. If you run something different, then you can still include that PC, but probably as just another zero in that case.

Sounds like fun, enjoy!

May 16th, 2023, 00:09
My "late" two cents:

1. Rerun? Sure, especially if the group missed significant sections. I would change things to reflect the actions of the previous group. If they got through the whole thing then I'd run a different funnel. There's a load of them out there!

2. Yes, surviving = XP

3. Yeah, let the survivor recruit others to plunder the tomb, or "rescue his friends" if he doesn't know they're all dead. 8 XP more than the others is nothing. My group runs with characters over 2-3 levels difference between them.