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April 5th, 2023, 18:17
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Hey Folks!

We're bringing our 5e Unearthed Spoils digital magazine to Fantasy Grounds via the FG Forge!

Each volume of Unearthed Spoils is packed with amazing full-color art illustrating different types of 5e compatible content: Class Archetypes, Character Backgrounds, Magical Spells, Magic Items, and Monsters & NPCs; all tied together in an epic Adventure!

This top level post will be updated with links to each volume as they are released.

Unearthed Spoils:
Unearthed Spoils #001 - Spellbound Spelunking (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/316089/15958/url_27560)
Unearthed Spoils #002 - White Desolation (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/316089/15958/url_27727)
Unearthed Spoils #003 - Supernatural Savannah (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_27994)
Unearthed Spoils #004 - Realm of Nightmares (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28042)
Unearthed Spoils #005 - Purgatory Awaits (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28286)
Unearthed Spoils #006 - Blasphemous Undead (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28489)
Unearthed Spoils #007 - Colossal Chronicles (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28668)
Unearthed Spoils #008 - Bloodbound Grimoire (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_29073)
Unearthed Spoils #009 - Dimensional Delves (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_29386)
Unearthed Spoils #010 - Dragons! (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_29511)

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April 5th, 2023, 18:24
https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/images/4153544912a4e16711b2c7e975bdb137.jpeg (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/316089/15958/url_27560)
Unearthed Spoils #001 - Spellbound Spelunking (5e) (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/316089/15958/url_27560)

The underdeep holds many wonders. They are hard to see, hidden in the darkness behind the dangerous and deadly things that are content to keep them untouched by the light.

Unearthed Spoils #001 – Spellbound Spelunking contains the following content:

SHADOW DOMAIN - Not all that lives in shadow is evil. These clerics believe succor is empty if it is only salvation for the light.

CIRCLE OF STONES - These druids venerate the living stone.

BACKGROUND: MINER - You know your way around a tunnel, and the difference between striking gold and a fool’s errand.

SPELUNKING SPELLS - A trip to the underdeep isn’t complete without scribing these arcane incantations into your spellbook.

DEEP MAGIC ITEMS - A dozen magic-imbued items that will make your subterranean travels legendary.

LIVING NIGHTMARES - A roster of creatures you don’t want to meet, but inevitably will, in the underdeep.

9th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - A mining town of deep gnomes is threatened by an influx of intruders following a deadly patron. It will take a brave group of heroes to face down this underground menace in this harrowing adventure.




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April 6th, 2023, 01:19
https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/images/74b83c1af30dbd33949096afec447ca7.jpeg (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/316089/15958/url_27727)
Unearthed Spoils #002 - White Desolation (5e) (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/316089/15958/url_27727)

The land of the midnight sun has an opposite season, the endless night. Whichever one a hardy traveler finds themselves in, it is never as empty as it might seem.

Unearthed Spoils #002 - White Desolation contains the following content:

WAY OF THE FLOE - These monks are the hardiest of mind and body, and following this tradition will ensure you are as well.

OATH OF THE NARROW PATH - These stoic paladins have no time for chaos or hedonism.

BACKGROUND: TRAPPER - You grew up around traps and know how to spot them.

COLD SNAP SPELLS - The land of ice and snow is hardly a winter wonderland, but these dwoemers can help.

FROSTED MAGIC ITEMS - Eleven charmed items to make life easier in a whiteout.

GLACIAL CREATURES - You might not see them coming, but you will feel their chilling bite.

8th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - Royal nuptials have been interrupted by a missing bride. Either she got cold feet or colder ones have taken her. A bounty is up for grabs for those tough enough to brave the End of the World and bring back the bride.




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May 19th, 2023, 17:20
https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/images/18dabd7cd870e62c10b600e8446e493d.jpeg (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_27994)
Unearthed Spoils #003 - Supernatural Savannah (5e) (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_27994)

The grasslands should be an open book. However, dangerous things lurking in the tall grass and ravines can change your life (or end it) in a heartbeat.

Unearthed Spoils #003 - Supernatural Savannah contains the following content:

SPIRIT DOMAIN - Mind, body and soul are the mainstays of humanoids, but these clerics believe that it is the spirit that is present in all creatures.

CIRCLE OF THE CHINOOK - Druids of the Chinook are masters of wind and air.

BACKGROUND: CIRCUS TRAINER - You didn’t have to run away from home to join the circus - you were raised in one.

LANDMARK SPELLS - A new magic spell (or four) to scribe in your spellbook.

VELDT MAGIC ITEMS - Fifteen fully described magic items to brighten your day and darken that of your foes.

SAVANNAH SERVITORS - Fifteen denizens of the grasslands to help or hinder you on your way.

9th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - A nomadic tribe of plains elves is having trouble with the supernatural and a band of marauding orcs. Their warriors have left to fight a war in the East and those remaining are defenseless against this evil incursion.




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May 20th, 2023, 19:53
These are well done and pretty epic, thank you!

May 30th, 2023, 18:49
https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/images/c192358a8cfa655649418661966a2b3b.jpeg (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28042)
Unearthed Spoils #004 - Realm of Nightmares (5e) (https://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28042)

The underdeep holds many wonders. They are hard to see, hidden in the darkness behind the dangerous and deadly things that are content to keep them untouched by the light.

Unearthed Spoils #004 - Realm of Nightmares contains the following content:

SHADOW KNIGHT- Pathfinders in the dark, these rangers train for a life in the shadows, and out of the sunlight.

UMBRAL NUMEN - Warlocks of the Umbral receive their powers from a supreme being whose demesne is the Plane of Shadow.

BACKGROUND: COACHPERSON - You can drive anything from a mule cart to a 6-team carriage.

SHADOW SPELLS - Bring your own light - in the form of devastating magic.

SHADY MAGIC ITEMS - More than enough enchanted magic items to offset the gloom of the Plane of Shadow.

DARK DENIZENS - This creepy cadre of crawlers will keep you up at night while they try to put you down.

11th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - The House of Psalt has a storied history, but now it’s a portal to the shadow world. Someone needs to enter and find the artifact that can reseal the door.




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July 2nd, 2023, 22:43
https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/images/5cecf3456f7af9ce24933e1ce415dd9f.jpeg (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28286)
Unearthed Spoils #005 - Purgatory Awaits (5e) (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28286)

The lower planes ascribe to chaos and wanton violence. Its hierarchy embodies "survival of the fittest" – irony at its best.

Unearthed Spoils #005 - Purgatory Awaits contains the following content:

FIENDBANE DOMAIN - This order of clerics is dedicated to cleansing the mortal realms of foul demons.

CIRCLE OF THE RAVEN - These druids see the world through the unique view of corvidae that bridge nature and myth.

BACKGROUND: INTERPRETER - A born diplomat, it’s time to bring those hidden skills to the foreground.

OUTSIDER SPELLS - The lower planes call for some unique arcana to combat a fiend’s natural resistance.

MAGICAL ITEMS OF THE PLANES - Magic items imbued with spells of permanence can separate the heroes from the fools.

CODEX DEMONICON - Twenty new demons to challenge your sanity – and your very soul.

7th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - A legendary item has been sundered into four parts that now lie in the hands of rising demonlords. Even one of these treasures could bring fame and fortune to a party willing to descend into the chaos to retrieve it.




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July 31st, 2023, 18:29
https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/images/b476611a2847de624f44905259d55e76.jpeg (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28489)
Unearthed Spoils #006 - Blasphemous Undead (5e) (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28489)

The undead rise from their graves; skeletal visages embody an eternal defiance against mortality. With haunting allure and epic tales of cursed destinies, they beckon heroes to relentlessly face their deepest fears.

Unearthed Spoils #006 - Blasphemous Undead contains the following content:

OATH OF THE GRAVE - These paladins engage in the unending battle against legions of relentless undead, with a duty to preserve the balance between life and death.

SCHOOL OF THE DEPARTED - Ethereal Wizards who value forbidden knowledge and forgotten rituals above all else.

BACKGROUND: LOST SOUL - Deja vu? Seems more likely that you’ve just experienced this in a past life.

DESECRATED SPELLS - A collection of foul incantations that draw upon the macabre powers of evil.

UNVEILED MAGIC ITEMS - These relics should help you ward off the undead… Hopefully!

THE DEAD ARE RISING - The relentless dead can’t be stopped; slay one foe, and three more take its place!

11th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - Thwart the Crypt Cultists in their attempt to bind a great evil beneath the sands in this undead adventure for four to six players.




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October 9th, 2023, 20:55
https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/images/90f6b6176df82d9befa6b23179d79f92.jpeg (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28668)
Unearthed Spoils #007 - Colossal Chronicles (5e) (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_28668)

Giants once ruled the land. Now these rare creatures may hold the key to the future of all races.

Unearthed Spoils #007 - Colossal Chronicles contains the following content:

GIGANTIC BLOODLINE - The blood of an ancient race courses through your veins, giving you overwhelming power.

WAY OF THE COLOSSUS - These monks draw on one of the world’s original races for their focus and strength.

BACKGROUND: CHANDLER - When a party is looking for someone to light the way, you’ve got what it takes.

COLOSSAL CANTRIPS - A flick of the wrist and pinch of ash may be all you need to take down a titan.

MASSIVE MAGIC ITEMS - A weighty inventory has never held back a true hero. Try these on for size.

ENORMOUS ENCOUNTERS - From forests to mountains, and even the sea; these giant beings, there always will be.

8th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - A titan awakens from its eternal slumber, deep under the mountains it once created. The locals will be wiped out unless the keys are replaced and time is short.




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October 9th, 2023, 21:00
https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/images/cbace73947473f91ce8e7d1246b2eadd.jpeg (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_29073)
Unearthed Spoils #008 - Bloodbound Grimoire (5e) (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_29073)

Magic Rules! There are many types of sorcery, and a few daring souls delve into the esoteric well of blood magic.

Unearthed Spoils #008 - Bloodbound Grimoire contains the following content:

PATH OF HEMOKENESIS - These monks harness the life force of blood.

BLOOD KNIGHT CONCLAVE - Blood Knight rangers draw on the lifeblood of nature.

ELDER VAMPYRE - A warlock pact with an inevitable outcome.

BACKGROUND: REVENANT’S BOND - A dance with death left you with strange powers.

BACKGROUND: OCCULT SCHOLAR - Your studies of the black arts have a bright side.

SANGUINE SPELLS - Attack the lifeblood; use the lifeblood.

WOUNDING MAGIC ITEMS - These dwoemer-enchanted items cut deeply.

BLOODY BEASTS - Some familiars, many not, but these bleeders bite.

5th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - An ancient patron has turned an heir into a blood-letting tyrant and a countryside is in dire need of help.




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November 3rd, 2023, 22:21
https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/images/33cebbc64bc527e1b663235fc0c3354e.jpeg (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_29386)
Unearthed Spoils #009 - Dimensional Delves (5e) (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_29386)

The multiverse is made up of many dimensions, and the Astral Plane is the path to most.

Unearthed Spoils #009 - Dimensional Delves contains the following content:

OATH OF THE ELEMENTAL PLANES - Elite champions of primordial beings, these paladins hold faith in planar elements.

WAY OF PLANAR ENERGY - These monks finesse a balance between the Planes of Positive and Negative Energy.

BACKGROUND: PLANAR BORN - Your natural talents are out of this world.

DIMENSIONAL DWOEMERS - Add some magic from the multiverse to your repertoire.

OTHERWORLDLY OBJECTS - These enchanted items were forged with inter-dimensional magic.

DIMENSIONAL DENIZENS - Planar beings add inter-dimensional spice to your world.

7th-LEVEL ADVENTURE - A ringworld’s reason for being is threatened by a growing gap in its magic. The Tablets of Tu’faeyel must be recovered soon, or they will close many of the world’s gates.




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November 24th, 2023, 19:09
https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/images/c2afc5cb24edb1e16c02eec3d585f00d.jpeg (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_29511)
Unearthed Spoils #010 - Dragons! (5e) (http://affiliates.fantasygrounds.com/342239/15958/url_29511)

Dragons rule. Where they don’t rule, they terrorize. These beasts of lore rarely lurk behind the scenes when they can fly directly into the fray. They are the stuff of legends.

Unearthed Spoils #010 – Dragons! contains the following content:

DRAGONBLOOD RACE – Your draconic heritage blends seamlessly with the fey ancestry of your forebears.

OATH OF THE GOLD DRAGON – Your oath upholds the virtues of these lawful good wardens of civilization and arcane knowledge.

BACKGROUND: DRAGON HUNTER – A dragon is a dragon is a dragon, and you know how to deal with a dragon.

SCALY SPELLS – Before humans, elves and dwarves, dragons of the realm were manipulating magic.

DRACONIC MAGIC ITEMS – Scale up your inventory with these dragon-themed magic items.

DRACONOMICON – A plethora of dragons and such to add to your dramatis personae.

8th-LEVEL ADVENTURE – A village suffering under the oppression of a chromatic annatto dragon makes a desperate cry for help as it annual human levy approaches.




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