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March 14th, 2023, 03:55
I am playing fantasy grounds cyperpunk red. My gm has some good version of fantasy grounds so that I can just connect with the free version of the app.
I am running my first netrunner character in cyperpunk red. Having a bit of trouble with setting up by programs on the deck. My gm suggested I should run multiple copies of good attack programs and defensive programs. I am runing the 7 slot average version of the cyberdeck.

The problem is that if I drop the folowing programs on the cyberdeck 2 x hellhound 1 x raven then it correctly occupies 3 slots but it does not show me every instance of helhound there on the deck. How do I fix this so that I can see all my programs even multiple copies of the same ones in the cyberdeck programs listing. Or am I thinking this whole thing somehow wrong? Should I only run 1 program each named program?

Any other good tips on how to use cyber deck and netrunner on the cyperpunk red in fantasy grounds.

Thank you so much for any help for this newbie.

March 14th, 2023, 05:15
First off some information on what's going on when you create a netrunner, before equipping anything:

On the actions tab, you should see a black square with a missing corner to the right of the "Cyberdeck" text (this may look different in the non-default themes), that's where your cyberdeck gets attached when you equip it. When you equip a cyberdeck, the panel will grow and show several more lists.

Here's the simplest process for properly installing a cyberdeck:
1) verify you are a netrunner by going to the actions tab and looking for the aforementioned square with a missing corner, if it's a red icon, that's fine, it just means you have a cyberdeck installed already
2) be on the Main tab
3) in your gear you should have your cyberdeck and all programs you want to install (Black ice is an NPC type, and should be easily findable under the NPC sidebar. If that's empty, your gm can drop them onto your character sheet
4) click the icon to equip your cyberdeck. It should disappear and go to your actions tab automatically. There should be a popup message when this happens
5) click the equip icon on all the programs you have in your gear, they will automatically be added to your cyberdeck. each one should trigger a pop up message
6) go to your actions tab and verify that your programs are loaded

If you use the drag and drop approach, the quantities of the programs get lost at the moment. If you use the equip approach, they won't.

So you're only seeing one hellhound because as the ruleset sees it, you only equipped one. The standard cyberdeck has 7 slots, 3 black ice take up 6 slots (2 per Black ICE), so you should only have 1 slot remaining instead of 3. Programs and hardware are the ones that take up one slot.

I'm not sure if this is what you're going for, but at the moment your cyberdeck is set up as if you're a hunter chasing animals through the woods with dogs. Black ICE are programs that act on their own initiative, chasing whatever you specify as their targets. At the moment the only defense you have is slide (which you can only do once per turn), and your only offense is zap, which is a 1d6 of damage. The playstyle you are set up for is a perfectly valid playstyle. You may have interest in investing in some programs as well if you're not entirely sure what you're doing.

What your gm meant about buying multiple of the same programs is that each individual program can only be used once per turn. So if you want to do the same thing multiple times in a turn, you need another of the same program to do that.

The following pages of core should be most useful for understanding your netrunner and actions: 198-201, the bottom of 204-205

March 14th, 2023, 13:45
Yep! As @Nightstride said, Black ICE always take up two slots. So once you equip three ice, on a 7 slot deck, you'd only have 1 slot left. So keep that in mind! Some Hardware takes 2 slots as well (such as KRASH Barrier!)

If you're adding Programs/Hardware/Ice manually but dragging to your Cyberdeck you'll need to add duplicates again manually via the the "Items" list window from the right Sidebar, but as Nightstride mentioned, it should add both of them if you do it from the Gear window on the Main tab (assuming you have enough slots.) Once you've added all your multiple copies you'll see them there in your loadout. Hardware will only be shown by clicking the Link to the Cyberdeck in the top-right of your Netrunner panel. (So just be sure you remember what you've got on there!)

Some other tips to be aware of:

Note which programs you have are Anti-personnel and Anti-program. Only Anti-program ones can target other programs, and only Anti-personnel can target other netrunners.
When dealing damage with an Anti-program app, make sure you toggle it from "Program" damage to "Black ICE" damage if you're damaging an ICE. (Or leave it on Program if you're targeting another Netrunner's program!)
As a Player you can only see an Enemy Netrunner's Active programs. So, to target a Program an Enemy Netrunner activates, open the Combat Tracker in Fantasy Grounds, look for the Netrunner, click the Cyberdeck icon, then click the Target button next to the Program you are trying to hit. (Make sure your character is targeting the Netrunner. If a Program on the Cyberdeck is targeted, then your attacks against the netrunner are aimed at that program.) Then roll your Program's Attack or Damage as appropriate.
If targeting a Blace ICE, Demon, or some ICE that another Netrunner activated, you just target that ICE/Demon (either in the Combat Tracker or on a Map if your GM placed their tokens.)
Note that if you don't see them in the CT, either the GM didn't make them visible, or the enemy netrunner didn't mark their Programs active.

For more information check out "Netrunner Combat" in the Wiki: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FGCP/pages/2140602440/Cyberpunk+RED+Running+Combat#Netrunner-Combat
Or Net Architectures: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FGCP/pages/2140733472/Cyberpunk+RED+Net+Architectures