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January 9th, 2008, 11:30
It is my pleasure to announce that Joshuha, known for his extraordinary skills at customizing Fantasy Grounds, is joining our team as a community representative. This community site and thus the community in general will benefit from his dedication. Joshuha will be working in the Fantasy Grounds community team and listens to both the community and the development team. Thus Joshuha will be able to access accurate and timely information about Fantasy Grounds and, as a representative of the community, spell out those bits and pieces that are likely to be most useful/interesting to you. Also, through him the dev team gets more structured input from the community.

You will also notice that those threads where Joshuha has made a contribution are marked with the Fantasy Grounds icon. The change applies to old threads as well, although he is assuming the community representative's role not until now. Please note that Joshuha is free to express his own opinion on matters, which may differ from SmiteWorks' official position.

Welcome to the team, Joshuha!