View Full Version : Perk Effects

March 10th, 2023, 17:49
I am running through testing the ruleset here and trying to think of all the questions my players may have creating a character. It looks like a lot of things have to be handled manually through misc functions.

It doesn't appear that Perks add it. For example: Toughness - adds +1 Phy DR to all location. Intitally I thought "Easy I will make an armor that just adds +1 to all, but that doesn't appear to stack with other equipment. Maybe it shouldn't I am unsure.

Question here is how do you suggest handling Perks that add a bonus like DR (I see people adding mods for weapons which solves those issues) which is a persistent bonus.

Many more to come, and thank you for the video walk throughs out there.


March 10th, 2023, 17:56
I just fount the Editor tab on combat! Well that solves that issue. Huzzah!