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February 4th, 2023, 00:03
not see much on how movement is handled. not even a boot in the combat tracker. in my RMC, we have a boot for movement, which is handled very specifically. here, i have seen some thing about medium and long distance, and zones? how is movement handled, on a combat map, in the FGU environment? normally i would use 5' squares.

February 4th, 2023, 03:49
Hi Max,
We've been using two different methods: combat maps and theater of the mind. My personal favorite (as the Overseer) is combat maps.

With Combat Maps, I set the grid to 5' and then make the grid invisible. I add a painting layer of pink lines that creates big boxes or zones. I use the pink because it stands out and can't be confused for anything on the map. The zones are not of a uniform size, just a size that seems to make sense compared to the overall map, and can make the combat interesting. With the minor action of move, players can move anywhere in their zone or anywhere in the adjacent zone. With the major action of Sprint, players can move anywhere within the adjacent zone or the next zone after that (two zones away from the starting zone.) I use the gray shadow box surrounding the tokens to highlight when someone is within reach of another character or NPC.

With Theater of the mind, everything works the same except I have to build a map in my mind and keep track of everyone's location. Then I have to try to describe various locations to my players so they see what I see.

Hope that helps.

February 4th, 2023, 18:34
so range is more of an abstraction here? i was looking more for close = 0 - 10 feet, med = 10 - 25feet, long = 25 - 50 extreme 50 + how many feet will a minor action move get ya? or a sprint. if we are on a football field, would the whole field be a zone?

February 4th, 2023, 21:00
Yes, range is very abstract. I really didn't set any specific dimension for each zone, just what "looked about right" on the map. Grenades are best thrown at medium range as they damage everyone within close range, if you want to use that as a measure of range. I would think a football field is several zones.

February 5th, 2023, 17:49