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January 6th, 2023, 00:50
During a PC vs Bloatfly combat scene last night, the pre-gen PC ghoul (Bailey Bigsmile) was hit by one of the Bloatflies. The bloatfly's damage roll was one damage and three effects which I totaled to 4 physical damage and 3 radiation damage. Bailey had one DR on the body part hit.

I was thinking the result should have been Bailey takes three physical damage from the attack (4 original - 1 DR) and then would get healed 1 wound because he has the Necrotic Post-Human trait.

What came out in the chat box was 6 Damage and a critical injury with 3 physical wounds applied to the character and 3 radiation wounds as well.

Does the check for a critical injury (5 wounds or more after adjusting for DR) sum up both physical and radiation damage to determine if there is a critical injury?

January 7th, 2023, 03:39
Fantasy grounds does not handle the ghouls immunity to radiation. When it comes to damage it sees it just like any other character and if the character in question was a survivor the damage would of been correct. I would, in the combat tab, click the weapons button to change it to manual and add 99 rad DR to all locations. This will cancel out any rad damage. You will still need to track the healing manually.

Hope that helps

January 7th, 2023, 05:38
Yes that does, thanks. I wasn't sure if Radiation Damage was combined with Physical Damage to determine if a character received a critical injury.

The section about radiation damage "In all cases, where a character would suffer radiation damage and another type of damage at the same time, resolve the radiation damage after any other types of damage" seemed to contradict the "A critical hit occurs whenever a character suffers five or more damage in one hit (after reductions from Damage Resistance)" found in the critical hits section. I wasn't sure whether to combine the two damage types for the critical injury determination or not.

That's a great tip on the 99 DR as well, thanks!

January 7th, 2023, 08:19
They way I read crit damage was that it was 5 damage after DR is accounted for no matter the source. The MAXHP reduction that RAD damage does is just resolved after normal HP is reduced. But I also see the way you mention having merit too. II hope it will be in the errata that come out eventually.