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December 27th, 2022, 20:39
I had a question specific to Fallout with the FGU setup. I apologize I am just doing my best to learn the ins and outs.

Using the scavenging tables provided by the GMs kit download, it does not seem to factor in the "Degree of Search" (IE the amount to reduce items by if an area has already been searched). If it is factoring it in and I am just not seeing it please let me know! If not, how are other GMs using this content handling those rolls? Are you just manually reducing the parcel where needs be?

Thanks in advance!

December 29th, 2022, 00:00
It does not factor that in, you still need to reduce the number of items based on how much the place was searched. I did notice you could make it work on the fly as all the search location type item categories add up to 6 and the reduction is very simple

My method explained based on tiny industry which we can scale up if needed

1 - roll on the tiny industry table, they should get 1 item of clothing, 1 armor, 1 beverage, 2 junk and 1 other.
2 - The locations searched level will determine how much loot I will give a GM (I will do worst case and best cases)
2.1 - Heavily searched = I give them 1 item of my choice and the players can spend AP up to the number of items in the brackets. If junk is given make sure to halve it, rounding down or if the "other" table rolled junk divide by 3, you get the idea. you can do this for any item which you get multiples for.
2.2 - Untouched = give them 4 items of my choice and let them use AP to purchase the remaining items (for locations in between these I will give 2 and 3 items respectively)
3 - to scale up the size of the location just times the amount I chose by the size of the location (a Heavily searched large industrial area would mean I give out 4 items of my choice (4 times tiny) and they can spend AP on the remaining items if they choose) I will spread out the choices I have to cover more of the item types but how you do it is up to you.
4 - I would explain to the players that they can spend AP to get an item from the remaining tables and give a brief description of the tables remaining ("you can attempt to find more ammo or weapons or junk in the area if you spend AP")
5 - If the player decide to spend AP give them the item if it is the only one there of have them roll a die to determine which one they get from the item group. (If they want to get a weapon and there is two weapons you can either give them one that would suit them or roll to give out one randomly.
6 - Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the group no longer wants to get loot.
7 - Remove the unwanted items and drop the parcel into the group loot window

I hope that make sense.

I was going to take the total number of items and reduce it by how heavily it was searched but found the wildcard table of "Other" could make it difficult to figure out when it came to Ammo and Junk rolls. I found that just giving them a selection of items off the bat is faster. The system in the books is perfect for at the table where you need to roll everything up on the fly cause players do what players do and go off the rails at times but in FG it takes seconds to get results

December 29th, 2022, 21:13
Thanks! This methodology makes a lot of sense. I was pretty sure degree of search wasn't factored in but I needed to make sure.

As to this...

players do what players do and go off the rails at times

I could only smile. Decades of GMing games have absolutely shown this. As I have said to others "You prepare for what players will do, and still, they will surprise you."