View Full Version : Looking for the Well rested status

September 8th, 2022, 06:57
I am unsure other than just manually modifying hit points of how to grant a character a well rested status. I was hoping that I could change the status to well rested but I don't see it is an option on character sheet. I thought perhaps an effect that would grant well rested? Am I missing something or well rested just missting?

September 8th, 2022, 07:09
I would recommend checking the wiki for effect information. You could use MAXHP effect to simulate well rested.


October 8th, 2022, 07:22
Made it in the custom effects, enter the following into FG exclude the brackets [Well Rested; MAXHP: 2]. Once done set the duration to 0 so it sticks around. If the PCs lose the well rested buff then simply remove it from the combat tracker