View Full Version : Party Sheet Item Distribution Problem

September 7th, 2022, 06:48
I have been playing around with the FG Fallout rules by myself before I run it online. I have two characters. When I put items in the "Parcel Items" area on the "Party Sheet" and then type in the "Assignment" (one of the two characters) I can send items to the one character but when I assign items for the other character and press the "Distribute Assignments and Coins" button, I get the message "[WARNING] More item assignments then items available (character name)". However, the same items will go to the other character when I change the name in the assignment box. I can send any item to the one character but nothing to the other.

What am I doing something wrong?

September 7th, 2022, 08:40
I would check to ensure the second character is added to the partysheet's order tab. A quick check would be the auto complete will attempt to complete the name of the character. If the item count isn't able to be evenly distributed, it will distribute to this point to let the last be decided where it goes.

Example: 3 ammo and 2 characters. It will distribute evenly till it's down to 1 and then wait for a single character in assignment.