View Full Version : I don't think this is working as expected *possible spoliers*

September 5th, 2022, 00:50
In the encounter 03.01.03 It has some interesting issues. I am trying to build the encounter before players join.

When I hit generate random encounter, I get a *LOT* of NPCS.

let me add pictures, The other random encounters work well.

September 5th, 2022, 01:45
I don’t think $PC works with division; only multiply. If you want a number less than 1 use a decimal fraction. So for a number of NPCs equal to half the number of players use 0.5$PC.

September 5th, 2022, 02:14
Yes sir. it was built in the MODULE that way. The Product needs to have an update. This from the module included in the 2d20 rulebook With a bang, or a Whimper..

September 5th, 2022, 09:32
Ah, sorry. I completely blanked out the first sentence of your post.

September 5th, 2022, 16:48
You are correct, the encounter was setup incorrectly. I have pushed a fix that will be provided once the rulesets are no longer on lockdown for the update. I would suggest for the time being just copy the random encounter and change it to .5*$PC for the generation. Also ensure the players are in the partysheet order tab.

September 5th, 2022, 17:59
Thanks for all the quick responses and quick fix. I had worked around it, but I thought it would be nice if it was fixed for the next person :)