View Full Version : How do I raise the number of successes need to hit in combat?

August 12th, 2022, 23:20
What is the best way to handle weapons being out of range? I don't see an immediate way to raise the number of successes needed to hit in combat. I am currently dragging the dice onto the enemy so that it figures in hit location automatically, I can use the actual skill section to roll weapons then it figures in the D2 I set... but it doesn't roll random hit location.

Please advise, thanks.

Edit: So if I use the skill section to roll to hit with a weapon I need to make a random location roll, how do I do that without rolling an attack?

October 8th, 2022, 07:55
Make a number of custom effects that can be applied to the creature being attacked which will buff their defence stat. I suggest making at least 5 of them (1 to 5)

DEFENSE: # (with a duration of 1 so if you forget to remove it it will disappear after 1 turn

eg DEFENSE: 2 will add 2 points to the creatures already existing defence stat.