View Full Version : How is cover handled with the Fallout plugin?

August 10th, 2022, 06:48
I am setting up my first round of encounters and was trying to figure out how cover rules are incorporated into it. The idea I had was to just make a series of neutral NPC's with various cover qualities and give them the machine set of immunities, etc. That way its easy for people to just target the enemies cover and destroy it.

But how and where do I add the actual cover effect to an NPC or player character so that the combat tracker knows it's there? Is it somehow handled with effects? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

August 10th, 2022, 07:22
I would suggest checking out the wiki for specific ruleset functionality. Most provide information on how to accomplish tasks with in all the rulesets. Specifically to your question, it is covered as an effect.


August 10th, 2022, 16:55
Ok, I found this section on cover in the guide:

COVER: # <loc>

Cover provides conflict dice that will be rolled if an damage roll is targeting the location of the cover effect. This roll is done automatically and is part of the damage roll process. Cover subtracts the damage rolled by the amount rolled on the cover dice. This is applied first before damage reduction. The effect will need the number of dice to be rolled and the location(s) covered.

How do I get the damage roll to target the location of the cover effect?

Edit: I think I am figuring it out, I guess I just type in the formula for the effect. Thanks for linking the guide.

August 10th, 2022, 17:13
When you attempt a damage action on any target that has COVER: # <loc> as an effect, the ruleset will roll the cover dice and reduce the incoming damage. The rest of the wiki does describe how to target locations for attacks and damage by using the vault-tec mascot and clicking on the location you wish to target before you roll.