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July 15th, 2022, 01:01
Since the new FGU update, I have been getting the following message in the chat window when I load characters into the combat tracker.

"CharManager.updateEncumbrance - DEPRECATED - 2022-02-01 - Contact forge/extension author"

It repeats 6 times for each character.

I have unloaded all my extensions except "Shops" and "Map Parcel" and still get the message. I am afraid to unload these 2 extensions because I am afraid all my shops and map parcels will go away.

I have looked at my extensions and none have the 2022-02-01 date, and none of them are called "CharManager".

Not sure what to do.

We also had messages about "Aura" which went away when I inactivated the Aura extension.

Any ideas?


July 15th, 2022, 01:14
The developer of the extension will have to update their code. The function no longer being used and will get removed with a future update. I would recommend reaching out to the developer to have them look at the the issue.

July 15th, 2022, 01:22
Thanks for the quick reply.

Which developer though? I cant tell from the message what the extension is. Any way to figure that out on my end?

I did also load 3 extensions between our last successful game and the last one where we got the deprecated messages.

They were

Random Spellbook 5e Extension
MNM Charsheet Effects Display (I am suspicious of this one, but I have it (and others) de-selected and still getting message)
Token Height Indication (which I loaded about a 5 days ago and dont see in Forge anymore)

Thank you

July 15th, 2022, 01:32
Start a new campaign and enable each extension one by one until you get the error and then you’ll know which one is the problem (it could be more than one).

Moon Wizard
July 15th, 2022, 02:27
Only enabled extensions will need to be checked.


July 15th, 2022, 14:57
Ok. Thank you.

July 16th, 2022, 01:57
Well, I've been running the same campaign so long I didn't even think about creating another one for testing..... (slightly embarrassed)

Anyway found this one gives Deprecation on putting characters in combat tracker:
"5E (and more) Map Parcel FGU"

And this one gives Deprecation on loading characters onto a map
"5E Indicators"

This ones been broken for awhile and I already knew about it (gives error on attacks)
"5E Automatic Halfling Luck"

I will contact them. Really hoping I can get the creators to "ok" the map parcel one, because I use these all over my world....

Thanks for help!

July 16th, 2022, 05:21
Make sure you have the latest versions of these extensions. Something you will have to do manually if you got them from the forums or the DMsGuild.