View Full Version : Love to play the game, so LFG with some caveats

June 27th, 2022, 19:36
I have both Dune books and would very much like to play the game, but I run irregular schedules so I won't be able to commit to set days and require a rather flexible group or alternatively a one-shot adventure.

I hope there's a GM out there who's willing to take a bit of a gamble on me.
No real experience with this system in action. Just from reading the books. But I do have experience with DnD 5E. Have GM-ed as well.
Generally laid back and friendly individual. No objection to dark themes, but explicit sexual abuse, sex with animals and/or children is not within my comfort zone. If these themed need to be in the story, then I prefer to indirectly mention it, rather than directly.
No preferences otherwise.