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June 17th, 2022, 19:52

Another pack of maps that I have bundled together from an adventure/module I am continuing to work on.

Please let me know if you should run into any issues, have feedback, or any suggestions/ways that I can improve my maps.
I can be contacted at [email protected] or via the Fantasy Grounds message system.
Thank you

This Map Pack includes 10 maps that incorporate Line of Sight, Lighting, and Effects where I felt they would work best. Also includes a story entry and a Reference Manual.

The maps are:
1-Mountain range with a cave and passage
2-Forest area
3-A cabin
4-A forest lair
5-Humanoid camp
6-Small island with a tower (level 1)
7-Tower level 2
8-Tower level 3-Has flashing/strobe effects
9-Tower level 4
10-Tower level 5-Has flashing/strobe effects

Version 1: Initial Release