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June 17th, 2022, 13:59
Hey all,

Time for the next major update to the ruleset, in preparation for the incoming Mythic Britain & Ireland and Seasons of Winter!

The main feature is implementation of the PC Builder, a character wizard that allows you to quickly create investigators. As in the Alien ruleset, the archetype, talent, skills, equipment (with the exception of the pre-defined in stock careers) is built dynamically to support all existing, future and custom content. It is updated to support age category (in Vaesen this defines the starting attribute and skills) and resources, enforcing the core rules for min and max values based on your chosen archetype.

Another new update is the addition of recovery rolls for physical and mental conditions. Two buttons are introduced next to the label on the Combat tab (screenshots attached), as there is the critical injuries frame.

New, some refactoring on every reference manual. They are now ported to builder (excellent way to maintain the products) and the layout has been adjusted here and there to better reflect the original and use some of the builder abilities. Images with transparency are now updated where applicable for better visuals in the reference manual.

All tokens are now moved to the core ruleset, you have more and more beautiful images to enjoy.

Some module internal names have to be changed, hopefully this will not break anything, as this is mainly for the mystery ones.

There are also several updates and fixes - dice tower rolls support, font increase in major places, vaesen reference window has been updated with better layout on combat attacks.

That is for now. Next wave might add some talent automation, but have to first finish the feature in Alien.

June 19th, 2022, 09:52
Vaesen 2.0 has been pushed to the repository. It will soon appear in the test channel and available for testing for around two weeks, before it goes live. For those who will be testing it, let me know of your findings or suggestions via primate message here, Discord or forum post. The release notes for now are as follows:

2.0 Release Notes

[Added] PC Builder for wizard-assisted character creation
[Added] Buttons for physical and mental recovery rolls on Actions tab of the character sheet
[Added] Desktop decal
[Added] When Active Equipment roll for item with more than one skill usage is dragged to the tower, by default the roll is made with the first skill. Pressing CTRL will result in the second skill rolled (if available). Pressing ALT will result in third skill (if available). Pressing SHIFT will result in the fourth skill (if available).
[Updated] All reference manuals are refactored and moved to the new framework introduced in CoreRPG
[Updated] Mythical Britain and Ireland products IDs added to setup menu
[Updated] Frames definition update
[Updated] Header font size in reference manual
[Updated] Vaesen reference window
[Updated] Active equipment support for Dice Tower
[Fixed] drag & drop issues with PC, NPC, Vaesen and Party Sheet Dice Tower rolls

June 20th, 2022, 14:48
Just saw this! Heading out of town tomorrow but will try to help review. Thanks so much for this work! I love the ruleset.

July 7th, 2022, 07:16
Time for another update on the ruleset development. All features (and fixes :) ) suggested by you!

On the PC sheet I added labels to the Age & Secret and Details frames. Cosmetic change, but makes the PC sheet looks complete and no empty spaces. Another update was adding check boxes for tracking Advantage, Insight and Defect usage during the session. Minor bugs fixed and layout was adjusted on few interface elements that will be noticed only by those who sit and measure pixels :). The ruleset was also updated for the CoreRPG 2022-07 release that should be coming next week.

Biggest update is the introduction of Others tab on the PC builder (in addition to layout improvements to make it look prettier!) that allows a player to enter details, appearance, secrets and notes that go directly in the sheet, reducing the additional clicking. Now all (I think) is done in single window.

There is a Memento check box that if selected, rolls on the Memento table and populates the item accordingly in the character sheet. There are some minor things to do on the backend, but it looks quite well and I think it will make it for next week as well :)

Screenshots attached.