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June 6th, 2022, 17:09
B9's Steel Defender on Forge (https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/677/view)
bratch9 profile on Forge (https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/crafter/89/view-profile)

A module to provide a basic class/background/race/item/powers/pregen for a 'Steel Defender' from the Battle Smith Artificer.

With the module a 'player' character sheet for a Steel Defender can be made. ( Or the 3rd level pregen can be used, as its already configured with items and powers.. Just need intelligence setup for the 'Force-Empowered Rend' attack. )

As the Steel Defender can be level up with the artificer this keeps the prof bonus in line to keep the stats and a lot of the powers in sync with the npc definition of the steel defender.

Just the HP on level up and 'Force-Empowered Rend' attack bonus and at high level the 'Improved Deflect Attack' damage bonus need manual updating on intelligence modifier change of the artificer.


- Add 'Vigilant' power defined as 'IMMUNE: surprised'
- Added link references in the class/background/race to the power/items.
- Adjusted class/background skill split.

June 6th, 2022, 21:38
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