View Full Version : New to the 2d20 system

May 26th, 2022, 14:12
Hello everyone! I'm new the the 2d20 system as the title would suggest.
As a long time d20 gamer I'm finding the system relatively easy to learn.
In the hopes :) that Fallout on Unity will be as robust as it is for 5e,
but would imagine that will be dictated by the popularity of the tabletop RPG version of the famed game.

Realizing that this is not a map based game or game system, but I'm in the firm belief that any VTT game (or Live game) is enhanced when one has high end custom maps. Not like when I started to play and we broke out the graph paper, however, that was more of a guide for the GM rather than a visual for the gamers. Terrain is a different story and more time consuming to make than maps on a computer. Of course as we get older and if our interests culminate on Roleplaying, then we spend our time and money on our tools to become more advanced and better players, GM's, or both.

I am excited to get a Fallout game going, and once I run through the physical book I have, coupled with getting on FG with my son and running scenarios...learning the system and the FGU Fallout UI at the same time.

Have a glorious day good people of the wasteland,