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May 24th, 2022, 16:17
The ruleset pak file can be found here:


This file will install in your rulesets folder. This ruleset will allow you to play Swords and Wizardry and three other White Box OSR games.

The game selection is made via the options menu. The three other currently supported games are:

OWB001: WWII: Operation White Box: World War II - DTRPG Link (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/196284/OWB001-WWII-Operation-WhiteBox)

White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying - DTRPG Link (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/148169/White-Star-White-Box-Science-Fiction-Roleplaying-Swords--Wizardry)

Eldritch Tales: Lovecraftian White Box Role-Playing- DTRPG Link (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/250356/Eldritch-Tales-Lovecraftian-White-Box-RolePlaying)

When you select the game you are playing it will change the character sheet, attribute bonuses, and even some rollers. This ruleset should work with all Smite Works supported themes. I personally tested White Star with the store purchased futuristic theme. (still working on the vehicle tab to update ha)

I am working with Myrdin Potter to bring the core books to the Forge for OWB, White Star and Eldritch tales. There will be a separate support thread for each book.

The Swords and Wizardry Core Rules can be found here- Swords and Wizardry Core Rules FORGE LINK (https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/649/view) (Developed by Bayne and Slayveen aka Deadhand)

Please post any feedback on this thread. I will do frequent updates to address any bugs that may arise.


Myrdin Potter
May 24th, 2022, 16:39
OWB is 95% complete. Just cleaning up the rulebook to make the reference manual look a little nicer and fixing a couple of data entry errors for items as such as I learn the ruleset.

June 8th, 2022, 03:46
Is there any plan to do AAC for Swords and Wizardry? I don't do the descending and hoping to run S&W soon on FG, but can't if it's AAC. Thanks!

June 8th, 2022, 11:52
Yeah no plans thanks.

June 20th, 2022, 22:43
I purchased the package and it isn't showing up in Game Systems (rulesets) after a restart and update. Is it an extension to another ruleset?

June 20th, 2022, 22:55
You purchased the modules. They require the free swords and wizards ruleset. See the first post on this thread.

Myrdin Potter
June 20th, 2022, 22:58
Did you get the ruleset or or rules? There are two different packages.

If it was not free you did not get the ruleset, you got the S&W rulebook and need the rule set as well.

July 26th, 2022, 21:58
Not sure if I am missing something but when you hover or damage in the weapons it says "HOLD SHIFT FOR DOUBLE DAMAGE" but when i do so and roll it does not double.

July 26th, 2022, 23:36
it does when you target a monster on the CT. If you drag the result from chat it correctly applies it as well. let me know the steps you are using if this is not working for you. Thanks


July 26th, 2022, 23:52
That was the issue, did not have anything targeted in the CT. Thank you!

it does when you target a monster on the CT. If you drag the result from chat it correctly applies it as well. let me know the steps you are using if this is not working for you. Thanks


July 26th, 2022, 23:53
Awesome. I did not want to mess with the die result but the flag double damage actually does something you you drag it from chat.

August 13th, 2022, 09:20
Im trying to enter a new character class as i want to Run this game https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/190299/Crypts-and-Things-Remasteredwhich is based of Sword and wizardry.
how would I go about modding the character sheet.. I want to add a couple of new attributes , Luck and Sanity and change the save box to a skill box

August 13th, 2022, 11:03
That is going to require an extension. This is not a white box game like the others. Your best bet might be more core.

August 13th, 2022, 17:22
the game is based swords and wizardry. I think i have found a work around using the skills on the powers tab
I have noticed ATK box for weapons adds to the attack roll and the damage, is it meant to do this? also if i add a modifier to just the DMG box it gets ignored?

Also are the automated effects the same as the OSE set?

August 13th, 2022, 17:53
DMG: and SAVE: work ATK: doesn't

August 13th, 2022, 21:01
yes working as intended. 1d8 +1 as damage does indeed also work. Did you buy the core rules? Lots of examples in there

August 13th, 2022, 21:07
DMG: and SAVE: work ATK: doesn't

Yup its not working on untargeted rolls. Ill fix that

August 13th, 2022, 21:47
OK Hawkwind its all fixed up. Great feedback. If you need to some tweaks to how powers are working to get your game to work let me know. Does that game say specifically "Designed to work with S&W Whitebox" The other three do so if it does say that I'll entertain changing the ruleset code.

August 14th, 2022, 10:40
the equipment item for shortbow is missing its damage

August 14th, 2022, 11:02
Do the Tags on the NPC sheets have any effect ?

August 14th, 2022, 15:21
I'll get the short bow updated and send it over to Matt.

The tags are for information at the moment. I left some basic stuff in there to adapt other white box games into the ruleset. Right now the ruleset fully supports SW, WW2,White Star and Eldritch tales.

It even has vehicle combat. When the new core rpg update comes out I might look at what they did and retool it a bit.