View Full Version : Group Think! Maps, tiles, etc

May 5th, 2022, 01:27
OK, what's everyone who is building a campaign using for maps, tiles, minis, etc.? I'm thinking maybe Starfinder resources using the Universal Extension will handle a lot of the art needed... There don't seem to be any "official" Fallout resources that I can locate (some stuff for the Fallout 1 & 2 modding is about it so far).

May 5th, 2022, 16:18
There are 2 map pack released at the same time as Fallout which have are themed for this. Think its Modern Industrial ?

May 9th, 2022, 00:14
ok, now I've gotten pdfs of the various computer game guides. I stripped the maps out with a scanner & pdf editor. Drop some tiles as a backdrop, add in the maps, clean up the little markers they throw on them (resources, encounters, "best" routes for the video game, etc), and viola... instant battle map... I use terrain and windows borders for zoned and we're ready for a battle... it takes a little work to clean it all up but until Modiphius drops some decent tilesets like they did for STA and Conan there you go...

From Fallout 76, here's big-view maps narrowing down to a large tactical map (WV magnifying downward to the Forest Region down to Zone A of the Forest down to the Wixon Farm): 52716

The farm icon you see in the Zone A Map is a layered in GM-visible only token (invisible until it is discovered by the party).

Now I just need to build the interiors of the Farm...