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October 6th, 2007, 22:15
Has anyone here ever played in or GM'd for a Gestalt campaign? It's very power-gamey, but then I have friends who are like that. ;)

I have mulled trying to introduce the idea or a starter campaign and see how it goes and wanted to see if any of my fellow bretheren had any tips or anecdotes about it. :o

My thought would be to have Gestalt characters actually be an offshoot of human, but be their own race. (Sort of like x-men mutants are to regular folks, wherein the party are all Gestalt, or at least some of them anyway....) :bandit:

What have you to say on this idea my comrades? :)

October 7th, 2007, 22:59
If some characters are going to be gestalt they all should be. Or allow the others to play something with LA+ lots or the are 2x the level of the gestalt characters.

Having said that, no I've never played or ran for gestalt characters. :)

Good luck!


October 8th, 2007, 20:16
The D&D campaign I'm in (as a player) actually uses Gestalt characters. THe reason we choose gestalt is because there are only 3 PCs and we worried that we might miss out on some fun if we only had three character classes or what not.

We have a Human Fighter/Cleric, a Half Elf Druid/Ranger, and a Halfling Sorceror/Rogue. So far this group has worked out very well in that we have the 'core classes' all built into three folks. When combat comes around, we're set, but the adventure can still have things requiring special skills (IE, an adventure won't come to a halt cause the PC's can't get through that locked door).

It does also add a bit of variety to the characters leveling up. In the case of the Halfling, does he take the feats/skills to help his Sorceror more, or does he try and go for the Rogue aspect, or a middle road approach?

I asked our DM for some tidbits and his first comment was: "They're hard to create encounters for". Gestalt has more power then straight characters of equal levels, so you have to toss in a bit extra. But then as they raise levels, you need to remember that they're still one character (IE, 3 PCs with 6 classes will still have trouble with overwhelming numbers that 6 PCs with 6 classes might not have as many problems with.).

The DM said that it was a learning experience, you're gonna screw up at some point, either making it too weak or too strong. Fudging as you go along helps.

We're at level 5 right now I believe. Gestalt is great fun if you have a small group, but if you have a lot of players, you might not want to do it, could probably become too much.