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April 22nd, 2022, 00:00

The Fantasy Grounds Map Pack 6 - Manor House includes three maps that include:

-Ground floor
-Second Story

All three maps include Line of Sight, Lighting, and Effects in the form of "heat waves" that have been placed on the fireplaces.

The Basement and overall lighting effects will only become evident if the overall Ambient Lighting is adjusted from Sunlight to None or whichever ambient light is preferred.

The pack also includes:

-Story record
-Reference Manual

My players had recently been rewarded a house in need of repairs, so I decided to build it in its updated/repaired version. It is inspired by the "Ghost House" found in the module "Ghosts of Saltmarsh".

Please let me know if you should run into any issues, have feedback, or any suggestions/ways that I can improve my maps.

I can be contacted at [email protected] or via the Fantasy Grounds message system.


Version 1: Initial Release

April 23rd, 2022, 03:45
Wow! That looks really nice!

April 23rd, 2022, 06:58
Thank you very much :)