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March 2nd, 2022, 13:49
Please post any feedback and bugs here. I included a very small quick start guide to help you navigate this ruleset and a font extension if you have trouble with the VsD style font.


Please make sure you watch the video!


Open Ended Games is selling the Core book (574 pages) It is fully compatible with this ruleset.

Core Book here



Special thanks to the guys at VsD and Imaginary Turtles Discord for playtesting.

August 19th, 2022, 11:54

September 30th, 2022, 23:30
Thanks for the ruleset! I'm unable to edit the description of any Background traits. When I click on the little red square link, no page opens to edit. (Special traits work fine.) I'm using the free ruleset.

September 30th, 2022, 23:34
You create the background from the menu and drag and drop.54550

That's what I see and I am able to update.

Please provide your steps.

I do see that those add buttons need to go away though.

October 1st, 2022, 02:27
Thanks bayne. Ah-hah. Now I get it. You are saying we first need to create them in Backgrounds menu under Character on the right pane. And then we drag and drop onto the character sheet. That does work.
I was using the rather prominent green plus button on the character sheet and adding them in that way. It does create an item, but you cannot edit them.

Another issue I ran into just now was on the combat tracker, I'm following around with the video that explains the ruleset and when I apply damage to the Wnd field, the number is green. It's almost invisible against the gray background. Is there a way to get better contrast?

October 1st, 2022, 13:54
Yeah you described a visible link that you tried to edit. When you click the add button you should not be seeing that it just creates a blank entry. Like I said the button should be removed. So I am not sure what little square link you were talking about

March 4th, 2023, 13:05
I just bought this ruleset & the core book module. You have done a fantastic job, there are a lot of moving parts to the system and it must have given you a proper headache to build.

It looks like there should be a font extension and a quick start module included with the ruleset but I can't find either... I am not sure what I am doing wrong?

March 4th, 2023, 14:40
Hey Skellan. I'm going to add Death Markers this morning so if you can sit tight a few I'll reupload all of it. I might have spaced out when I updated it for the big update.

March 4th, 2023, 14:53
I just bought this ruleset & the core book module. You have done a fantastic job, there are a lot of moving parts to the system and it must have given you a proper headache to build.

It looks like there should be a font extension and a quick start module included with the ruleset but I can't find either... I am not sure what I am doing wrong?

Update Try again. Fonts are listed as VSD fonts under extensions

March 4th, 2023, 15:39
Fantastic - thank you :D

Death markers sound cool too!

March 4th, 2023, 17:19
That worked, thanks! I can play about with the effects now.

I did notice a potential bug. I am getting the attached error when I drop the Kin 'man' to the character sheet...

March 4th, 2023, 17:27
A missing "," caused that. I found a few other instances and uploaded a new build. Part of this last update was changing how I grabbed nodes. I'll be around for another few hours working on another project so if you find anything else I can take care of it pretty quickly. Please update and try again

March 4th, 2023, 17:36
You're a star, that's fixed it :)

Everything else I have tried is working great. You have done a really good job with the ruleset.

March 4th, 2023, 17:58
Thank you. I appreciate that.

March 4th, 2023, 18:59
Sorry, I think I may have found a bug. The parry effect does not appear to be adding to the DEF..

March 4th, 2023, 19:17
Oh, the parry effect goes on the attacker. My mistake!

March 4th, 2023, 19:18
No need to be sorry. Another regex fail/poor initial coding. Try updating. None of the defensive effects were working. I had changes that touch almost every aspect of game so I appreciate the bug reports.

March 4th, 2023, 19:19
No it goes on the defender! did you find another bug! because it indeed wasnt working hahaha

edit: Im not seeing it working when placed on the attacker. All defensive effects need to go on defender. If a defensive effect placed on an attacker effects the attack roll that would be wrong (but again I am not seeing that on my end)

March 4th, 2023, 19:30
Ok, I just ran the update and it seems to be working fine now. The parry effect on the defender is adding to the defender's parry as intended (not the attacker's)

Thanks for the super quick fixes!

March 4th, 2023, 19:36
ok cool. The NPC attack roll on the CT is super annoying on drag. So Im goign to fix that.

March 4th, 2023, 19:57
I am not sure if it is intentional, but the 'skill total' calculation doesn't include the stat modifier on the character sheet. It does include it when you roll though so I suppose that's the main thing.

March 4th, 2023, 20:37
Yeah it is taken into account when you make the roll. it is how I adapted it to the ruleset. That is what the cycler does right after the name. On a paper character sheet the number is there for reference because you need to do the math when you make your roll. In this case I added a cycler so you can actually use a different ability to make a skill roll. It does all the math for you. because the math is so complicated I even added an output message so you can quickly verify the roll. The character sheet is not going to match perfectly the one you have at an actual table but it is a very close approximation.

March 4th, 2023, 20:50
No worries, that's cool. It is good that there is the option to change the linked stat :)

March 11th, 2023, 23:23
I think I found a bug. It doesn't seem to be adding the cmb when the attack open ends...

March 12th, 2023, 00:14
Yeah I can see it's getting passed but it's not showing as a modifier. Is it only on great than 95? Only targeted? Or all methods?

March 12th, 2023, 18:32
Hi - Sorry I fell asleep. I am getting on now :)

I tested it again and it is not adding the cmb modifier on all rolls whether they are targeted, drag and drop on target or untargeted. Yes, it is only on a unmodified roll of 96+ that it is doing this.
It isn't adding the modified on down ended rolls as well, but I believe that is expected :)

Cheers :)

March 12th, 2023, 19:13
Had I run the update before testing I would have seen that you had already fixed it while I was napping :)

Thank you :)

July 6th, 2023, 04:13
Can you add the option to add more skills under the Armor, Body or other skill categories om the character sheet? I'm using Gruesome Grimoire and it has skill specialties under those categories. There is not an official mod or extension for that book that I'm aware of but I have posted on their Discord to see if they are working on it. I am currently porting over the PDF info into a reference manual myself (including the sub-classes and hopefully the spells and anything else I can). I just do not have the lua skills to do an extension myself. Thanks!

July 6th, 2023, 12:43
I'll look later today but you should be able to right click or click the green plus button.

July 6th, 2023, 15:01

These buttons will add and delete a record.

July 17th, 2023, 00:31
Sorry, just seeing your reply. Those buttons are not available under Armor or Body categories. Understandable, as there are no specialties in the base game. It is for additional specialties from the Grievous Grimoire.

July 17th, 2023, 01:58
The lists are functionally the same that allow you to add your own. They are Rollable skills. If it is under body and there is any sort of automation then that is not coded. The body section is not a rollable skill.