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February 25th, 2022, 22:26
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Version 1: Initial Release

While reviewing the Ghosts of Saltmarsh module I decided that I wanted to update the maps for Chapter 5: Isle of the Abbey. This is the result.
These maps can also be incorporated into any adventure as well.

Original Module Credits:

-"Isle of the Abbey" was originally designed by Randy Maxwell for 1992's Dungeon Magazine Issue #34, featuring artwork by Peter Clarke

This Pack includes:
-Six maps, some with Line of Sight, Lighting, and weather/water effects
-Reference Manual
-Creator's Note story entry

Please let me know if you should run into any issues, have feedback, or any suggestions/ways that I can improve my maps.

I can be contacted at [email protected] or via the Fantasy Grounds message system.

Thank you

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How to use/setup:

-I did include LoS for the maps but I did not setup any of the Shortcuts or re-place and of the monsters.

-In order to fully enjoy the pack the DM/GM will have to place these shortcuts and the monsters before hand
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