View Full Version : 2-23-2022 Changes on TEST server

February 23rd, 2022, 13:28
This is a big update on test server. If you get a chance try out your campaign on test and let me know if you find any issues. The Ruleset file will update automatically.

- Bane weapon support. Weapons that do bane damage (+3 dragon slaying) are now automated. The weapons work as is out of the referee tome but monsters now have a tag field (bottom right) . I will be updating the tome as time permits but for now you can simply add the tag once you place it on the CT if required.

- Encumbrance option 2 is fully implemented from the options menu

- Spells are now on their OWN TAB. More changes to come to better help you track and organize your spells soon.

- Encounters: You can now adjust HP for monsters on your encounter window. (Special thanks to Celestian for giving me the ok to use his method)

- Resiliency bonus for races are now implemented. With that a new field may appear to split poison and death saves.

- Poison is now added to spell save types. Monsters will be adjusted in the tome when I do the tags. Save rolls for poison are automated.

- Fixed a bug for unarmored AC

- XP fields will now disappear on the character sheet if you make a multi class character.

- Fixed XP bug with multiclass where a single XP point was added even when their was no remainder after the XP split.

- When making a multiclass character class names will automatically populate.

- A die icon was added to basic melee attack roll control

This video goes over some of the changes.