View Full Version : How do I upload my extension to the Forge?

February 11th, 2022, 04:23
I accepted the crafting agreement and went to manage craft and selected add item. After completing the the form for my new item there I noticed there is not an option to select my extension to upload for review. I did search for instructions but I couldn't find anything.

February 11th, 2022, 06:08
Uploading the file comes after the initial item creation. After the item is created you will be able to upload a build of that item for review. Please see this page:https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FGCP/pages/1916633089/FG+Forge+-+Manage+Item for more information.

February 11th, 2022, 13:45
Thanks ju95! That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to find.