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January 5th, 2022, 10:38
Hey all,

I am looking for a a online game of Vaesen, from the beginning, please.
I tried a Vaesen game on the Discord channel Vaesen Central but they only played on set hours .
I would like to play by post and if possible, with some help on character building.

Greetz, Remie

January 5th, 2022, 19:33
Welcome to the FG forums.

Fantasy Grounds is a feature rich VTT (Virtual Table Top) for playing live RPG games with your friends over the Internet. It is not designed for play by post games and as such doesn't work well for them - so, I'm sorry, but you won't find such games on these forums as they are specifically for using Fantasy Grounds.

January 5th, 2022, 21:14
Could you put me in the right direction?

January 6th, 2022, 09:29
You could:

Check Vaesen facebook groups
Use Free League forums: https://forum.frialigan.se/viewforum.php?f=123
Go to Year Zero discord which is dedicated to FL games: https://discord.gg/RnaydHR
Use https://rpol.net/ which is platform dedicated to play by post

January 7th, 2022, 10:03