View Full Version : OSE Advanced Fantasy Referee's Tome - Token Question

December 22nd, 2021, 20:24
Does this include art for the tokens? If I purchased the Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Referee's Tome.

Thanks in advance.

December 22nd, 2021, 21:31
For the monsters, no they are not there. Currently all NPC/Monsters from the referee's tomb are the generic letter tokens. IIRC the developer mentioned in the FGCollege livestream this is on his todo list. Not sure if/when that would happen though.

For now you have to use custom tokens like the D&D ones.

December 22nd, 2021, 22:16
It will be after the first of the year at which point most tokens will have an image.

January 5th, 2022, 21:02
Just seeing if this is still on your roadmap? I just bought the players and DMs guide on Forge!

January 5th, 2022, 21:33
Yup I'm doing it currently. I am at letter I lol

I actually have to do a bit of work to each token !

January 5th, 2022, 21:45
Great news, thanks!

January 5th, 2022, 21:48
Nice :)

January 15th, 2022, 12:13
Color tokens have been added and NG has uploaded the Tome. Hopefully he can push it live Monday. Still a few missing and some others I was able to use NG bw art.. I'm getting the list together for Gavin